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walking into a practice room and finding your oboist boyfriend crowing on every reed he has and screaming in anguish after each one

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don’t follow me just bc pretty dress

i barely use this blog anymore and i’m not marching this season so it’s not worth it

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Hello, hello again, DCITumblr.
BAC ‘14

Hello, hello again, DCITumblr.

BAC ‘14

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Some DCI Drum Majors :)

Worth mentioning, for nitpicking’s sake, that that’s actually the Cadets2 drum major. Except she just became a field conductor for the Cadets, so I guess it counts.

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and you cry and your tears are valve oil

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braceyourself-marchingband asked, "Let's be friends. It's official. We're best friends. What's your name? I'm Reba!"


uhh i don’t really use this blog? also i am like 10099 years older than you idk if friends is a thing
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1. but french horns are used so sparingly in the marching arts, why would you want to legalize them

2. get ready for lots of sousas on bikes

3. *pulls out purple pbone* my time has come

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George Hopkins stop I cANT

gdi hoppy



George Hopkins stop I cANT

gdi hoppy

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sleepingfortomorrow asked, "So ts been awhile since I checked my tag and saw your answer to my question and now I feel like a dick. Sorry :("

it’s whatever

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Anonymous asked, "What is dca? And why aren't you marching"

drum corps associates. all ages corps

that’s less than 15 posts back i am certain you can read it on your own

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