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Playing the oboe: a 4-step process by yours truly

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I have a lot of free time in band in case you can’t tell

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Marching is so weird

In our first halftime show, I have one move where I’ve got 40 counts to backwards march less than two feet so I’m basically marking time on my tiptoes the whole time

Then there’s another move where I have 12 counts to basically sprint downfield from the 30 to splitting the 45/50

marching is SO weird

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Things My First Band Camp Taught Me

The “but I’m on my dot!” guy exists, and I’m pretty sure his brother is the “not ALL men!” guy.

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I am 500% more scared for college band camp than I was for my Cadets audition like what the FUCK

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Oh my gosh! (From the Drum Corps Memes Facebook page)


Oh my gosh! (From the Drum Corps Memes Facebook page)

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Its time to put this pussy in ur sideburns —That is what he said. That is what Abraham Lincoln said (via moonsilver—blade)

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well that got out of hand.  i just saw ‘corps anything’ and went ‘scv’ and i couldnt stop.  hope you like, hope it works as a lock screen, thanks for the request you da best

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Bluecoats singing Hymn of Acxiom, Massillon Show 8-4-14 »


You’ve heard them play it.  Have you heard them sing it? 

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