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When I decided I was going to do corps, I had a five-minute conversation with myself about which instrument I’d play. I’m not exactly renowned for my brass skills. I was pretty ok for a beginner in my brass courses at school, but not corps good. Did I go with mellophone, which was in treble clef, pleasing to my ear, and not too heavy? Or did I pick baritone, which was in a kinda rough clef but had easier parts overall?

Mello won out, and oh, am I glad it did. $150 later, an old Blessing eBay find is my perfect practice horn. I got a mouthpiece 2 weeks before the horn, and buzzed for hours every day, so my tone actually isn’t godawful. When I picked up the horn for the first time, this morning, I blew a C scale with NO problems. I could never do that on trumpet.

I decided to jump right in and play mello at my weekly parade band practice. When there were horn parts to be played (50% of the time :c), they were actually…not hard! My fingers fumbled a bit, I missed partials. But it was FUN. And I could actually play most of it!

I think mello and I are going to get along really, really well.

I mean, when I can feel my top lip again.

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